Lucia Lu (DE)

In a city of DJ transplants, the born and bred (East) Berliner Lucia Luciano is a standout in
more ways than one. The DJ, community organizer, podcaster, model and co-founder of the
popular Hoe_mies collective has become an unmistakable figure in a notoriously
homogenous scene. Both in her former work with Hoe_mies, whose mission is to create
safe spaces for marginalized people in a scene dominated by cis, white males, and in her
distinctive sound as a DJ, Lucia Lu challenges the narrow conception and antiquated
stereotypes of what “Berlin techno” looks like and sounds like, and most importantly, who it
is for.

Lucia Lu’s warm, upbeat and soulful sets, which merge the cathartic danceability of house
and techno with sassy pop, hip-hop and disco anthems from yesteryear, are powerful
protests against the austere, self-serious atmosphere that dominates the electronic music
sphere. Luciano’s sound, and the joyful and diverse crowds that it attracts, are loving
tributes to the original spirit of electronic dance music: a genre pioneered by queer people
of color, who engineered a euphoric sound that allowed them to be and express themselves
unapologetically, and to celebrate the beauty in one another, in total freedom.

Luciano’s magnetic energy has attracted a loyal fandom who are just as enthusiastic about
her music as they are about her commitment to making positive changes in the industry.
With celebration and humor at the core of her sound, bliss is always in the air at Luciano’s
gigs — where dancers often look at each other in disbelief, as they sing along to
ravey-remixes of “guilty” pleasures like Britney Spears, ABBA or Cher. Given the breadth of
her musical knowledge and her chameleon-like ability to appease die-hard hip-hop and
techno fans alike, with Lúciano you can expect the extraordinary.

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