Krosses (IN)

Eclectic DJ/producer duo Krosses exemplify the cliché 'Music has no boundaries', for this exciting act has emerged from two corners of the world. The two producers (Elias - UK, Rohan - India) connected via an online forum, finally met in person during ADE and found out that their take on electronic music production was exactly the same. Their first ever track was a collaboration with Kerano called 'Fade Away'. Reaching over 300K streams to date, they knew this was the beginning of something good! Their second release was their first track on Mixmash Records called 'Waterfall'. In collaboration with HEART FX and singer/songwriter trinity Trouze this track was a beautiful combination of all three acts their musical vision. With support from Hardwell, Laidback Luke, Swanky Tunes and Juicy M this one is definitely a welcome addition to summer chill playlists. Their latest banger 'Gold' is their first solo release on Mixmash Records. ‘Gold’ boosts a real positive eclectic sound and feel, but there is more to this track. A hidden message of love enters your brain through your ears spreading happiness and positive vibes all over! Krosses: "Gold really is about that ‘golden’ moment you find the right person you've been searching for, and you confess how much they mean to you! Telling them all the things you'd do for them and promising that no matter what you'll stick by them for rich or poor." As the boys are influenced by the likes of Calvin Harris, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind And Fire, Axwell, among others - this large array of influences bring immense versatility and diversity to their production and live sets. Using the impact of several cross-cultural influences and experiences generates a composition of a wide range of eclectic music. Krosses is clearly on a mission; they seek to impart the importance of diversity in the unification of individuals to produce globally appealing memorable pop/dance music - we couldn’t be more excited to see what they will accomplish.
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