Krista Koeleman (NL)

Krista Koeleman is the founder of PwC's Blockchain Experience Lab* where she helps corporates understand the true value and impact of distributed ledger technologies on their industry and/or business. She often refers to Blockchain as a technology in search of a problem. Therefore she likes to emphasize how important it is to engage non-tech business people in identifying relevant use cases which address the root cause of problems worth solving. Only then, and if there is a clear need, does she recommend this rather complex technology. In its Entertainment & Media Outlook 2017-2021 for the Netherlands PwC underlines it expects Blockchain to offer the Music sector a terrific opportunity to create a fairer distribution system for content creators. * The Blockchain Experience Lab is part of PwC Europe's Experience Center - a multidisciplinary team of designers, creatives, economists, strategy consultants and developers - which helps
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