Joshua Dutrieux (NL)

Born Aug 2nd 1976 in Vlijmen, The Netherlands . Started at the age of 5 with classical piano. Growing up with the musical influences from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven to Steve Vai, Pink Floyd, Yes and Dream Theater, the passion for performing and producing music became more serious. Synthezisers, Samplers & Computers came of a big interest around the 90's and started experimenting with HipHop Beats, Pop and Dance Music. From being a keyboard player in several progressive rock bands ( Gate, Elegy) and a DJ/Producer/Record Label Owner (DJS Records, JDX Music) in the dance music, a passion for Film Music grew more. Worked and toured around the world with ID&T and Q-Dance for almost 15 years, producing music for amazing shows like Sensation and Qlimax. Taking a leap of faith in '09 by moving to Los Angeles,California, a new journey was set. With 37 years of musical background and experience, JDX will set his course for many years to come.
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