Jimmy van Esch (NL)

During his youth and adolescence, Jimmy van Esch was always exploring music — from playing the djembe, to listening to his father’s Jimi Hendrix records (for whom he was named after). At the age of 20, he started to produce his own tracks. The inspiration came from house beats of Dutch pioneers like Dimitri and Remy. Apart from producing, Jimmy started to organize house parties and it was during this period that he started off as a serious DJ. All his efforts cleared the path for him to play in Kater Holzig(Berlin), to being resident DJ at KrancK(a well - known Dutch dance concept), and to numerous gigs at famous Dutch clubs like Studio 80 and Club Poema. Over time, Jimmy has become a very experienced DJ, he even gives DJ workshops for kids, to teach them how to mix and produce! Also, his own tracks have been released on Deep Tech Records and Deep Sense Records, with more to come. The unique character of his productions and DJ sets is the way he feels and lives the music. He will not give in to what he doesn’t feel, but he will always keep the crowd going with a unique touch of deepness and funk in his sounds.
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