James Dymond (GB)

Music written with emotionally charged uplifting melodies that fills the biggest of dance floors, huge orchestral breakdowns that instantly lifts moods and driving percussion that raises pulses – James Dymond has crafted some of the most unique sounds in the Trance scene today. The 24 year old classically trained musician-come-producer from the UK has exploded in to the limelight in the last 24 months, consistently receiving support from almost every notable artist in the industry. The facts speak for their self – 15 tracks now signed by the world’s biggest Trance label ‘Armada Music’, his last 17 releases comfortably within the Beatport Trance Top 100 and 16 spins on the most listened to industry radio show ‘A State of Trance’, as well as gaining the infamous ‘Tune Of The Week’ and plays on BBC Radio 1 FM. Follow that with gigs at the 30,000 capacity ASOT 600 in Den Bosch, tours of Argentina, shows all over Europe and bookings for established brands as Luminosity, Rong and Trance Sanctuary - James Dymond isn’t just an up and comer anymore – he’s an established artist in high demand.
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