James Bangura (US)


An artist who speaks as much on community as he does music, James Bangura wants to leave something for the next generation of artists to move forward with whilst also writing their own story.

Having released on labels such as MisterSaturdayNights, HausOfAltr, 3024, World Building, and Incienso, James Bangura has become a name we’ve heard consistently in dance music over the last few years. Being One of the co-founders of the group “Black Rave Culture” and also having a slew of independent releases dating back as far as 2012, James Bangura has maintained a steady pace for the last decade. James’s DJ ability is also something not to scoff at with an archive of various mixes that showcase James’s playful sensibility whilst maintaining a high level of tension and energy that keeps his audience wanting more. We can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for this unique artist.

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