J-Richards (NL)

J-Richards, born in Amsterdam raised by the world. His passion for music was more a need to find a way to express some emotions. Notes says so much more then words. The oldschool R&B, from blues to jazz. Always searching for that sound that represent a emotion. Good and bad. From collecting LP’s to buying the perfect sound system. All his money was spend on music from the age off 8. But not only listening to music but dancing was a big thing! On the age of 14 he was already hitting the clubs. Putting some good moves out there. Electronic music first caught his attention in the 90ʼs, and he started DJʼing in late 90’s. After developing his style from classic house to Detroit House he found his true passion with techno. In 2010 J developed himself as a DJ, who stands for warm mood-uplifting electronic music. Emotion and melody are the keywords in his DJ-sets, often filled with huge climaxes and lots of craziness. The audience and the experience come first and that’s why he quickly picked up several national and international gigs. Like Club NL Panama W hotel, Link (BE) INVITE (DE) etc and several festivals. No time is left unused in the studio to create and surprise.. Therefore, not one live set is the same. The funny fact is he’s always tries to surprise himself.. He is completely open to every experience, anywhere, to come together to this new sensation. It's not about where, when, how much, but how the love and passion is shared.
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