Herman Verkade (GB)

Herman owns and runs Musiqware, a globally-focussed music rights management company for electronic music. Musiqware publishes numerous DJ/Producers, administers publishing and recording rights for other label/publishers, manages the catalogue for classic dance labels such as Output Recordings, Plastic Fantastic and Rising High, and administers neighbouring rights for performing artists. Musiqware also offers a boutique digital distribution service for some of their client artists and labels, with direct deals with all relevant stores and services. Herman grew up in the Netherlands, but has been based in the UK for the past 30 years. Before starting Musiqware in 2006, he worked as an Information Technology expert for many financial institutions around the globe. He now uses his expertise in data management and data exchange for the benefit of artists and labels in the world of electronic music. His aim is to enable creative people to get on with being creative, by leaving all the boring data stuff to the techies. He is an active member of AFEM (Association For Electronic Music) and the Music Publishers Association (UK), and has recently started to participate in the CISAC/ICMP Society Publisher Forum. Within those organisations, he is fighting hard for the rights of creators of all types and sizes.
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