Giuseppe Castani (DE)

2018 and 2019 were and are very great for Giuseppe. Besides the fact that he is having success with his event series WWDNT - Wir woll´n doch nur tanzen (English we just want to dance) which he is running together with BL.CK, he is also having powerful releases on well known and evolving labels like DOLMA, Global Techno Movement, Pure Dope Digital and Analyse Records. Summer and Autumn 2019 will be hot with planned releases on Loudwire Records, Blue Monkey Records, again Global Techno Movement, Pure Dope Digital and Sonusfield Records. Besides his producer work, he is a passionate DJ. Running his bi-weekly show "The Italian Dinner" on Underground Kollektiv Radio he always plays the newest and fresh techno tunes, preferably from the next-gen and evolving artists. His sound is energetic, straight and often beyond 130BPM. Techno for him is not only music, it´s a lifestyle. Since he listened the first Eye-Q and Harthouse Records he knew that Techno will always be a part of his life. Starting in 2001, he played in venues all over Germany and Austria. Until 2013 he had yearly gigs at Nature One, Airbeat One and other great festivals. Now, he is focusing on producing and is very successful. The future is coming and he is absolutely excited about it!
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