Britta Arnold (DE)

Britta Arnold is a child of Berlin. Born in 1984, she grew up in times of carination in the eastern part of this (multi)coloured city. She underwent the techno-electronic evolution of the late nineties, to become herself a nasty surpise and a vital element of berlin electronic underground in the early 21st century. Her first excursion to producing, she took in 2006, together with Matt John for the Silverbird Casino CD-compilation. The first live act followed shortly after in the summer of 2006 in the bar25. As if that has not been a challenge at all, she couldn´t get enough (experience) and startet managing the label of this well known and extravagant club. That´s what she has been concentrating on the next three years. Always close to the puls of berlin techno and minimal sound. In the Season of 2009 she finally found back to professional dj-ing and showed/presented her new and specific sound/tune. Since April 2010 her first Vinyl, Hummerballet bar25-13 with Philip Bader and Nico Stojan, is released. The next one is coming up on the Label Dantze, of Philip Bader and Niconé.
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