Galaga (NL)

Galaga (Marco) is one of Dutch best-known all-round DJs who has spent a lot of 25 years celebrating every celebration with its clever, stirring style of mixing and spinning. Like many DJs, Marco was at the young age as a regular DJ in a club where swing beat, hip hop, bubbling and salsa was the usual music. This unique combination really made for Galaga's versatility. Here, the upcoming house and dance was added in the 1990s, resulting in an all-round dj, still running at the biggest and most famous celebrations in Belgium and abroad! The knowledge and sense of music was used in addition to turning in the making of own work. In his studio, which provided all in and outs, he made a number of productions that achieved national and international successes. This did not remain unnoticed by a number of well-known Dutch artists who wanted to have their creations in their own performance, and scored themselves. The assignments were not dragged, which caused his own work to pile up and remained on the shelf, but there has been a change ... Galaga is busy and will be back in 2018 with new productions!
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