Funkie P (GB)

Funkie P is a name firmly established on the London club circuit. Funkie P began dj'ing in 1994 when he started playing at local house parties. Funkie P took his influences from dj's such as Tony Humphries, Little Louie Vega, CJ Mackintosh, Paul Trouble Anderson, Bobby & Steve, Ricky Morrison, Bert Bevans and Todd Terry. In 1996 Funkie P was offered the chance to host a radio show on a pirate station called London Underground. Funkie P had a very popular show that he held for 6 years. Around the same time he also started dj'ing in clubs, mainly as a warm up dj and this experience became very useful. In 1997 Funkie P was given the opportunity to play a warm up set at the newly formed dj laboratory at Garage City. The dj laboratory was set up to find new, up and coming talent and proved to be very successful. Funkie P played in the dj laboratory for 3 years where he became a crowd favourite. In 2001 Funkie P was asked if he would come and join a new pirate radio station that was just starting called House Fm, Funkie P took up the chance and has not looked back since. Funkie P became a headline dj for House fm playing at some very special events with some of the biggest names in house music, such as Jocelyn Brown, Michelle Weeks, Kenny Bobien, Kim English, Ron Carrol, Dj Spen, Lenny Fontana, Terry Hunter and Todd Terry to name a few. Also in 2001 Funkie P was given the chance to be a resident for one of his idols, Paul Trouble Anderson, at his very popular club night The Loft. Funkie P played every week with Paul Trouble Anderson and this experience was without doubt the making of him. As well as playing with one of his favourite dj's he also had the chance to play to a packed crowd every week. Later on that year things went from strength to strength for Funkie P as he was also offered the chance to become a resident at the world famous Garage City. This was without doubt the icing on the cake, and to this day Funkie P still holds these two very respected residencies. In 2007 Funkie P was asked to take up a new Residency at Herbal night club for a night called Bobby & Steve Presents. The night went fron strength to stregenth and was without doubt the number one night in London for the 3 years it was at Herbal night club. Due to the night being so popular Bobby & Steve Presents held big one off events at The Se One Club to a capacity 3000 each time. The guests included Louie Vega, Teddy Douglas, Kevin Hedge, Bugz In Da Attic, Norman Jay, Barbra Tucker and Margerett Grace.
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