Frank Zolex ()

Frank Struyf aka Zolex has such a long history you could easily write a complete book on his career. At the age of 19 Frank quit school to start his profession as DJ playing seven days a week in student bars at that time, mixing commercial music with influences of his greatest love, electronic based music such as Acid, New Beat and Italo House. In the early nineties he became resident of the mythical Belgian underground club Globe. At that time he did about five gigs a week, being one of the most popular DJ’s around the Benelux. After the closing of the Globe, Frank became resident of another mythical club Carat, a meeting point of Belgian, Dutch, French and German party people, where he played 12-hour sets, and made the club as we know it today. Despite his busy DJ schedule Frank still finds the time to produce his own sounds. In 1993 he created Zolex’s “Time Modulator”, a timeless classic, copies of which were sold all over the world. Together with R. Reynders, M. Engelen (Praga Khan) and M. vd Heyden he released several tracks on the Antler Subway label Dance Opera. He has produced under many guises including, Zolex, Extended Mirror, The Draft, Manchester Dawn, Dirty Jackers, Carat Trax, S.B.E. and more. He has also worked with many artists like, Andres Romero, Guy Naets, Hans Rits, Johan Verstraeten, Ludo Camberlin, Mike Dierickx, Philip Meers, Stefan Wuyts and the list goes on and on and on. Frank started his own label Zolex Records, which was responsible for delivering top quality Electronic, Techno and Trance releases. He soon started playing at all big events, not only in Belgium but also in Spain, France, South Africa, Ibiza, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile he became resident of techno house institutions like Barocci (NL), Katsu and frequently guest DJed at Extreme, Cherrymoon and Illusion. It’s difficult to label his musical style as he spins from Techno to House to Breakbeat to Progressive, it depends what the crowd feels like, because he’s a DJ who tells a story in his set, delivered through his heart & mind and mixed from the belly. Also creator of his new label : Dark Kitchen Recordings
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