Frank Babar (US)

Speaker (Phase One Network)

Frank Babar is an American entrepreneur, producer and promoter, known as an integral contributor to the rise of EDM and Hip Hop in New York City.

Born on September 11, 1969, Frank claims to have been drawn to music and technology early on, thanks to his interest in video games. After relocating to

Brooklyn at the age of nine, he found himself immersed in the local scene with musicians, venues and DJ’s. Babar began promoting during the 1980’s Dance music scene, leading to a collaboration with Adrenalin Promotions, and providing the budding entrepreneur his entree into the EDM music scene. Adrenalin went on to be a leading force in pioneering some of the early EDM scene’s largest parties in NYC, spearheading DJ events at places like the Palladium, Limelight, Tunnel and Club USA, ultimately culminating in the founding of Adrenalin Records in 1991 under Frank’s supervision.

In 1992, Babar got his first taste of the Hip Hop scene, opening the recording studio “24/7” and working hands on to help develop its artists. Over the next few years he would go on to help found EDM label “X- Sight Records,” “Brooklyn Music Limited,” and Hip Hop label “Mortified Records.”

Branching out in 1997, Babar channeled his early passion for technology into the founding of Enetronic, a web-based, music search engine and streaming platform. Babar would go on to partner with Yahoo and create an online radio station, branded under the Enetronic name. The company served as an early and integral platform for online EDM consumption, pioneering the way in which people were consuming music online. After dabbling on the tech side of music, Frank jumped on an opportunity, founding Phase One Network in 2003. In 2009, the company acquired the full catalogue of Warlock Records, B-Boy Records, and P&P records, amongst others, solidifying themselves as a leading IP asset management company in the industry. Frank serves as the CEO of Phase One Network, working day to day in the development of its artists and the management of its vast catalogue of music.

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