Emily Jayne Azevedo (GB)

Co-director of Koolwaters alongside Marc Vedo and co-founder of Koolwaters Agency and ME Agency, Emily Azevedo has been in the industry for over a decade, overseeing the backbone of the Koolwaters operation and has her hands in every aspect of the Koolwaters Group evolution. Formerly a Psychologist, Emily brings a fresh and focused, business-minded approach to the music industry. Emily left her Psychology career behind to partner up with international DJ/Producer Marc Vedo and the husband and wife team have developed the Agency at a rapid pace and success that has earned them the recognition of being one of the market leaders in the Asian market. Committed to delivering the promise that every artist is represented by the whole agency,Koolwaters Agency professionalism has seen the organisation of worldwide tours, working in cooperation with many promoters, sponsors and venues to gain artist’s maximum exposure and bookings.
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