Elvis Xhema (BA)

Much based on production for several years gave him membership of amazing Labels. 2018 - 2019 Elvis Xhema continues with many power releases , editions and unique Style that gets a growing number of Fans and his Tapes are Played All around World. He get Massive support and his Tracks are Played from Superstars such as : Richie Hawtin - Dr Motte - Cristian Varela - Pedro Delgardo - Carl Cox - Paco Osuna - Christopher Lawrence - Gaga - Dexon ...He performed with Great Names in Electronic Music Scene recieving Big support from the same. Showing excellent tuning, Elvis Xhema is not only known for his unique Techno but also accessibility with any other genre. Known also as DJ Mag TOP 10 Miller 2016 Carl Cox Honda TT Revolution 2016, where his mixes made High on top of the Big Names In Electronic Music. Showing love to classical Techno - Tech House Ritmique Sound with Few Latest Releases he comes to Prescribed Trax, one of Los Angeles' leading Techno Inprints. Moving to Amsterdam 2019, Elvis Xhema becoming Member & Resident DJ for EAST Techno Collective at Panama Amsterdam , getting lot of attention with Live performances followed with mixes from his own production. In few years Elvis Xhema has become well known accomplished Producer with a long string of releases on his name.
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