DJ Rebel (BE)

Dj Rebel is founded in 2017 in the high mountains of Belguim. In a little village called ‘Hockai’, the people were suppressed by the local government and especially by the mayor. When Dj Rebel arrived in Hockai for the first time, the people weren’t known with funk and groove. He was a strange phenomenon. At first the people didn’t accept his way of expressing himself. Their conservative way of living was nothing like The Rebel way of living. So they weren’t really amused by his presence. In 2018, a year after Dj Rebels first visit to Hockai, he was invited by a man called Olivier Genon. Whilst the local government was fighting against the elections for a new mayor in Hockai, Olivier Genon, a man of the people, was one of the first to rebel against this suppressing dictators. Though he knew he couldn’t do this alone. He needed to teach the people what it is to dance, have fun and feel the passion of the groove. With a little help of The Rebel, the people didn’t listen to the music the government wanted them to hear. Instead they were ‘Crying at the Discoteque' with Alcatraz and shaking their ‘Ass-n-Titties’ with Dj Assault. Standing together, Rebel with his music and Olivier with his beautiful smile, the people of Hockai were liberated. The movement of grooving and funking The Rebel introduced in Hockai is exactly what he is doing now all over the world. Dance, make love and especially having fun doing all this. Dj Rebel is a dj for the people.
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