Born on August second 1969 in Amsterdam , the Netherlands as Elfirach Maasdamme. Went to Curacao at the age of 6 and started as a DJ aged only 12 in 1982 he was being trained by the absolute top dj's on the island of Curaçao called Ramon Martinez and Eddie Mambi. During that time he started Caribbean Disco with a group of friends. As a young group of dj's they were doing extremely well. They were spinning tunes every weekend at parties and in clubs like The Pub, La Hacienda , La Fontain and on the other islands like Aruba, Bonaire and St Maarten. Left for Holland again aged only 17 and there he started spinning at the Soos in Amstelveen, were he came to the conclusion that dance-music from the 80ties was a complete different thing in Holland compared to the Islands…It took of from there, as a quick learner he went to all the big clubs to learn more about the so called “dutch sound”. Going to every club he quickly learned to know a lot of owners and promoters and he became warm up dj in different big clubs, like Bebob, Roxy, Escape and some smaller venues across Holland. During this time "HOUSE" really kicked in and he loved it….. he mostly enjoyed mellow and acid house and he was getting into his groove . Spinning in clubs as Escape , de Richter and the It (Bebob before it was called It), he moved house from Amsterdam to Utrecht, where he was the resident dj at Felini and at the same time he spreaded his wings by travelling and spinning in countries like Belgium, England, France, Spain and Portugal. After ten years in Holland he went back to the warmth and beauty of Curacao were he picked up where he left of… The Pub was a wellknown place on the Island, and it gave him a platform to introduce house to the Island…..it worked! and he started organizing his own parties. With the money he made out if this, he then started his own first house club called "The Jail" and he spun the coolest tunes there himself. Mellow House and Trance was what was working and that's the way it stayed 4 a long time . He then sold “The Jail” at the right time and moved on with his live…. He played gigs all around the Caribbean, the United States and Holland. 4 years ago he started to change his musical direction by playing more latin house and soulful grooves. Nowadays electro and cutting edge house is what really works for him and his crowds. One of the biggest events of the year is “The Halloween Party”. This started of as a party for 100 friends in 1995, and is now one of the biggest events of the year. It’s organised by DJ Q, and he made it from almost nothing into an 8 hour event on spectacular locations, which is changed every year. In 2013 DJ Q will be exploring his qualities as a producer as well, knowing every single dance tune ever made, makes him into a guy with knowledge, and enough ideas to release hundreds of tunes…..so watch out for DJ Q.
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