Ploy (GB)


Bristol's Sam Smith, better known as Ploy, produces hypnotic, experimental techno with a focus on polyrhythmic drums and trippy effects. Since 2016, he has released material on well-regarded British dance labels such as Timedance and Hessle Audio.Smith initially released deep house under the name Samuel. Following his debut 12", 2014's "Numberuma," he went in a more experimental, stripped-down direction with 2015's "Static on the Dancefloor." His subsequent work as Ploy continued in this mode. Sala One Five appeared on Hessle Audio in early 2016, followed by Iron Lungs on Timedance. Two additional Timedance releases, Intrigued by the Drum and a remix 12" of the track "Footprints in Solid Rock," appeared in 2017, while Unruly was issued by Hemlock Recordings. Ploy's only 2018 release was "Ramos," although he also contributed to Timedance's Patina Echoes compilation and remixed Shelley Parker's "Angel Oak" on a Hessle Audio-released EP.

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