DJ Lolly (GB)

Dj Lolly has been mixing since the early 90's. He started off playing Break Beat, House, Hip-Hop and early Jungle back in the day. Lolly hooked up with some of his best mates and began setting up sound systems at various venues across the country and bookings started flooding in. By 1992-1995 he started playing Jungle but by 1995-6 started to feel the House & Garage vibe as well and often raved at Gass, Legends & Aquarium, Speed, Mars Bar,Jungle Fever,Metalheadz and Bluenote. This versatile DJ has traveled around the globe and has DJ'd in a variety of Countries such as France, Ibiza, Tenerife, Greece, Cyprus to name a few! He's held down a show on Life Fm for 8 years and award winning Freek Fm for 4 years.Has also made guest appearances on various Radio and Internet stations. He has also DJ'd for promotions from back in the day including Pandemonium, Elevation, Liberty, Exodus, Bassbox, Pure X, Desire, Raging Rabbit,Park-end,Knowledge Mag,Technology, Essence of Chi, Back 2 Life, Uncertified, Batdance, Jungle-Jam, Lazy Sunday, Flava, Technicality, Sidewider, Garage Nation, Entice, Pasha, Garage-love UkG Festival, We Are FSTVL and the list goes
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