DepGlobe (NL)

When DepGlobe was about 8 years old he started listening to Dutch radio shows like “The Rock and Roll Method” and became a fan of Gene Vincent, Elvis and The Beatles. In 1980 he heard something new on the radio: Depeche Mode’s first live concert in The Netherlands made him an instant Depeche Mode fan and other related New Wave bands like New Order. He bought his first 12” single in 1981 and that was New Order’s “Everything’s Gone Green” But it wasn’t New Wave only, men like Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder had their influence on DepGlobe as well in the early 80-ties. In 1983 another new phenomenon was heard on Radio Veronica: Ben Liebrand’s “In The Mix” was the first non-stop mixed dance show that aired on Dutch National Radio. Inspired by Ben Liebrand, DepGlobe started making his own mixes using a simple tape deck and one record player without pitch control. His “cut and paste” mixes were played at high school. Around 1988 DepGlobe stopped mixing but 10 years later he got back on track mixing house records with 2 brand new record players, mixer and the computer was his recorder. From 1998 until 2003 he made several mix CD’s in three different genres: ClubSession 1-7, GlobalTrance 1-6 and influenced by John Creamer, Stephane K, Lemon8 and Deep Dish he started his Massive Progressive Series 1-6 and spread them among friends. In the year 2007 DepGlobe started his third mixing career. His first mix set was a 90 minutes set of the best official Depeche Mode remixes produced from 1980 till 2007 and got downloaded over 10.000 times from the internet on Vuze. It's now still on SoundCloud and MixCloud. In the years to follow it became more and more clear that DepGlobe’s style is Progressive, although DepGlobe’s favorite tracks are sometimes hard to describe; is it progressive trance, is it progressive techno or just progressive, tech house or deep house? Summer 2011, DepGlobe discovered SoundCloud on the net and after publishing his Lowlands Series he started DepGlobe’s NoEgo Sounds in November 2011, a monthly 2 hour set in which DepGlobe combines several Progressive subgenres into a nice NoEgo trip … DepGlobe’s ambition is to perform for a huge progressive house loving audience, make his own records in the near future as well remixing progressive tracks for others.
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