Deep Spelle (CA)

Deep Spelle is a name quickly becoming ingrained in the deep house ranks of dance history, and has embraced this life calling as a personal frontier . . . expanding on his resume as primarily a recording artist, producer, remixer and DJ. . . he is known for crafting his own brand of subtle, seductive, hypnotic music that is both rich with soul and dense in atmosphere. Originally from Paris, currently residing in Montreal, Deep Spelle's warm personality combined with his musical ingenuity has helped mold a distinctive recognizable sound that’s become rather intoxicating. He is often described as a charismatic newcomer, with the unique ability to leave a long- lasting impression upon his audience well after the night is over. His fluid approach to producing along with a magic touch of natural talent has lead him to gain the attention of world renown labels such as Soul Industries, Acryl Music, Pesto, DeepWit Recordings, Ready Mix Records, Kommunity etc. His tracks has been remixed by the likes of Soul Minority, Alvaro Hylander, Deep Active Sound, Helly Larson, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Marvin Zeyss, Diego Astaiza, Big, Al, Dandy, Ilias Katelanos, Terry Lee Brown Junior and many more. Deep Spelle recently delivered two tracks on legendary label King Street Sound along with remixes for Kevin Yost on the legendary imprint iRecords.
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