Davis (BR)

Devotion to the craft is a fundamental premise to someone who calls oneself an artist. It is the unquestionable index of the commitment to the public and also of Davis' work, being one of the cornerstones that sustain his relationship with music. It engulfs every aspect of a multifarious creative presence, from the prolific producer to the avid selector, and is the element that gives consistency and constance to his artistic personality. Attention duly given to this ethic, it becomes easier to realise how his career culminated at the point where it currently is: one in which he displays that imaginative assurance that only sedimented experience brings and the inspiring boldness conferred by an eternal joviality. This synthesis manifests itself in the diversity of fronts that conform his activity, from the entrepreneur behind Bossa, one of the newest bastions of the Sao Paulo cultural life, to the bandleader that propels and guides The Drone Lovers' musical adventures. Vision, here, is the main concept to understand his perspective, as futuristic and inventive as conscious and informed by the elements that make music the purest of testaments of our emotions. This is revealed in each one of his sets and of of his compositions: the artisanal care with the sonic material allied to the creative audacity that never shies away from experimenting. An attitude that led him to his long-lasting residency at D-Edge and the newly established one at Warung, as well as to world renowned clubs such as fabric and Electric Pickle, not to mention festivals of global relevance such as BPM, WMC, Unknown and ADE. Innovation and invention are two of the quintessential traits of his presence in so many areas, acknowledging everything that puts the cultural machine in motion as well as nourishes the creative soul, somewhat mirrored in his solo productions, released by labels that attest their deep refinement, such as Rebirth and D-Edge Records. Sophistication, in a nutshell, would be the best word to summarise such a stellar talent as the one of this multifaceted character from the cosmopolitan dancing night that currently makes the world go round, one whose quality of his achievements make his identity so evident that his name is rendered a mere detail.
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