Dankan (IT)

His passion for music started at the young age of 12 and quickly translate itself into job opportunities. He also had the opportunity to collaborate with different dance studios in that area. When he was 19 years old, he moved to Milan where he got the opportunity to DJ in some of the cities most historic & clubs, such as: Apophis, Nepentha, OldFashion, Magazzini Generali, Circle, Santa Tecla and many others. In 2016, he was nominated the official sound designer and DJ for Bookin Agency ñ a renowned fashion agency in Milan for hair-styling trade shows and runway shows (for example, Cosmoproof and Isabel Benenato fashion show and many others). In the past few years, he also collaborated with and played for various fashion and lifestyle brands as: Vans, Adidas, Brian&Barry, Swatch, Nike, Fanta, Martini, Heineken, Redbull and many more.
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