Dandy Jack (CL)

A native of Santiago resident in Germany, many of Schopf’s varied projects intensify the link between techno and Latin sounds and rhythms. Martin Schopf, aka Dandy Jack, is a musician and behind-the-scenes organizer in both Chile and Germany. In Santiago he created the Microman club together with Adrian Schopf (DJ Adrian), which apart from being a club, became a nucleus for many electronic events such as Encuentro de la Technocultura. Today he’s the head of Mutek Chile, the southern version of Canada’s famous electronic music festival. As a musician he has released many individual projects such as Dandy Jack and the Cosmic Trousers in 1997, Dandy Jack and the Plastic Woman in 1998 - both on Ratherinteresting - Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava on Perlon, Dandy Jack and the Latin Elvis on Contexterrior. Schopf has also worked in a number of musical partnerships including Sieg über die Sonne with Tobias Fruend, Carabina 30:30 with Luciano, Gon with Uwe Schmidt, Amp with Peter Namlook, Gonzalo Martinez with Jorge Gonzalez, Ric y Martin with Ricardo Villalobos and most recently Dandy Jack and the Junction SM with Sonia Moonear. Schopf is also involved in the live techno project Narod Niki alongside a rotating cast which includes Ricardo Villalobos, Monolake and Richie Hawtin. Many of Schopf’s projects intensify the link between electronic music and Latin sounds and rhythms.
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