Coco Em (KE)

Coco Em, hailed as "The hardest hustling DJ" by Okay Africa, is an internationally renowned artist whose musical journey spans continents. With a career that has taken her from the vibrant rhythms of Nuits d’Afrique in Montreal to the eclectic beats of Trans Musicales in Rennes, France, Coco Em's DJ prowess knows no bounds.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Coco Em found her creative sanctuary, birthing her debut album, "Kilumi," in 2020. This masterpiece delves into a diverse soundscape that fueled her during those trying times, featuring 70 unique ideas meticulously sculpted into a mesmerizing seven-track journey. "Kilumi" traverses various musical avenues, from the amapiano-inspired "Winyo Nungo" to the high-energy "Kilumi" and the moody trap stylings of "Keep The Pace."

Collaborating with Santuri East Africa studios, Coco Em's artistic vision crystallized into a remarkable EP, a testament to her dedication and the empowering influence of East African mentors. She's not just a musical force; she's also the founder of the Nairobi-based womxn collective, Sim Sima, and her own label, enriching the cultural landscape with her infectious beats and pioneering spirit. Coco Em's debut release, featuring seven Kenyan talents, reflects her artistic soul and the vibrant creative energy thriving in African studios and dancefloors today.

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