As gifted on the decks as he is in the studio, CHKLTE approaches music with a delicateness that defies his towering stature. With vibrant, seductive blooms and deep, syrupy booms, his subtleties climb into the ear like tendrils. Jonathan began sneaking into South Texas clubs at the age of 15 to DJ after countless hours digging through online archives.

In 2012, he became a resident of Austin TX and quickly became a regular guest DJ across the state. CHKLTE is now a resident DJ behind the infamous Blacktone agency & party series that sparked out of Austin Texas, which regularly hosts the likes of Dyed Soundroom, Nicolas Lutz, Francesco Del Garda, tINI, Raresh, Praslea , Lamache and Robin Ordell.

The move from Jonathan to CHKLTE spurned a series of releases on labels such as OGE, We R The Aliens, Personality Disorder, Vatos Locos, Solid Grooves Raw, Moonfruit, Floorpiece Digital, Melotherapy and Honne Music. He has also launched 2 labels CHOKO for vinyl only & a digital format label ChokoDIGI, which you can find exclusively on Bandcamp – including his personal edits & original work as well.

CHKLTE is now based between Ibiza & the US and can often be found controlling the dance floors of Fabric London, Hi Ibiza, DC 10 Ibiza, Epizode & UNUM festivals in Albania, ADE in Amsterdam, Club der Visionaere, as well as Mexico, Canada, London, Romania, Czech Republic & Bulgaria. He can be often found on lineups alongside Dyed Soundorom, Gescu, The Martinez Brothers, Voigtmann, Nu Zau, tINI, Herodot, Priku, Afriqua and in May 2021 closed Space Miami b2b2b with the legendary pairing of Ricardo Villalobos and Raresh.

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