A Multilingual Earthling Bringing Infectious House and Tech Vibes

BÈRF, born and raised in the city which doesn't exist: Bielefeld, Germany, is an extraordinary artist whose music is shaped by her diverse cultural upbringing. As a young girl, she was a rebellious and multi-faceted personality, harboring a deep love for music from an early age, which led her to sing in a church choir, dance for 10 years in different styles, and play the Saz guitar. With her oriental background, versatile polylingual vocal range and great fondness for surreal art, BÈRF skillfully mixes different genres of music in different languages, showing her extraordinary talent and consolidating her position as an outstanding personality in the music scene. Inspired by her experiences in Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona, Latin America and Turkey, BÈRF creates a unique sonic universe that skillfully merges diverse influences, reflecting her remarkable journey.

She will be part of the DJs at the Deck Interaction event.

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