Boho & MIlla Lou ()


Milla Lou:

MILLA LOU stands for dark and atmospheric techno sound. Her vision of
depth and powerful melody combined with hard bass and underground
vocals combines melodic techno with the euphoric feeling of hard raves.
Her sets are characterized by specially selected and often "already
forgotten" or unknown tracks, which she restages in her personal
renaissance. However, she also has the prestige to help herself from the
pool of the JAW labels, making her music even more unique.
Through her gigs in Berlin/ Cologne/ Munich e.g. Sisyphos with a
grandiose HAMMAHALLE closing or equally international gigs in Istanbul
| Turkey etc. she has already enchanted some.
In addition, she belongs to the inner circle of the Jannowitz Records
crew and the first productions and features are also expected soon.
Collaborations with her partner BOHO as well as with Darksome Notes,

NoNameLeft are already signed & a remix for Stiv Hey on the US label
Hydrozoa will follow.
Hold on tight and enjoy your next musical journey with MILLA LOU!


What started in the city of Cologne in Germany’s West, quickly became a
global success: BOHO aka Lars Kohl has become one of the big players in the
world of techno in Germany and beyond.
Lars’ story is unique and inspiring. Contrary to many careers, he started out as a
label owner. In 2014 he founded Jannowitz Records, an imprint that very fast
started topping the minimal and deep tech charts - and hasn’t stopped topping
them since!
In the meantime, Jannowitz became a platform for many creative minds with
Lars being the backbone of it all. But in 2017 he reached the point where being
the mastermind that provides an outlet for creativity just wasn’t enough
He needed his own musical project: The DJ and producer BOHO was born.
And again: Similar to the immense success that the label brought, it very
quickly became apparent: BOHO is filling a gap in the world of underground
electronic music.

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