Bodygroove (CH)


Bodygroove is a Portuguese DJ and Producer living in Switzerland since 2013.

His musical line is between Tech House and Techno with a groovy rhythm that aims to move the body and soul of all clubbers.

Bodygroove has a musical culture of more than 30 years which allows it to make unique live acts. In his sets he uses all of his mixing technique which includes several effects, accapellas and various samples.His influences come from the Iberican sound, with music that includes a lot of percussion and groove.
He shared the booth with great names like Dennis Cruz, Chris Liebing, Oscar L, Humanoyd, Miss Sheila, Spartaque, Dub Tiger, Fauvrelle, XL Garcia, Redkone, Nuno Clam, Florian Meindl, Lady M, Merche Romero, Juanito, Bruno Zarra among others. He played in amazing places between Switzerland and Portugal, like Kremlin Lisboa, NB Club Coimbra and Viseu, Octave Conthey, Le Cercle Conthey, The Room Luxembourg, Nox Club Lagos, Vidaloca Club
Sion, Pedras Amarelas Algarve, Respublica Santarem, Jukebox Sion,
Red Champery, La Ô Morgins and many others. He participated on House of Techno and Pass events in Valais in 2021,
2022 and 2023. Bodygroove, is owner of XPRESSIVE, event organizer based in Switzerland, and he organised many events in Valais at Le Cercle (where He was resident), Khéops Club, and Octave Club during 5 years (2015-2020).

He organised Axcess Mountain during winter season in Morgins 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 and Why Not Tech Events at Jukebox since 2021. He started producing in 2018, and he signed with the following labels,Good Time Records(PT), Tanira Records(PT Ribox Records(IT)and Marktek Records (PT).

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