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What it feels like, to be obsessed with music, constantly searching for the best and coolest sounds, the groove in your head and
in your hands? - Hard to describe. Not with words. Only with the music itself.
That's what it's all about: Finding the ultimate mix for the moment. Now is now. The air, the atmosphere, the light, the
movement - capture, reproduce, shape. Every day is different. Every night is different. Every club is different.
Once you've bitten your teeth into it, hunger won't let you go. The sound is my life. And my life belongs to the sound, belongs to
the rhythm. My styles: Deep-House, Tech-House, Minimal and Techno ... everything that is danceable. Everything that fits ...
here, now. The moment counts.
Before that and to this day, listening, checking out, selecting, combining was the thing to do. I bought my first records at the age
of 15 and played them for the first time at the age of 17. The turntables are my instrument. Whether it's vinyl or CD ... the sound
decides, nothing has changed and nothing will change.
The mood, the feedbacks say: Keep it up! More of it! That's all I need to know. For me, being a DJ means having a feeling for
the location, for the people and being able to translate it into sound. That happens somewhere between head and belly and
goes into the hands.
What we expect in a club is a sound that carries us, into which we can let ourselves fall. Music that is like ourselves: Cool, full of
energy, alive. Sounds that make you high. A rush. And that's what I want to give you.
You want to dance, because you're obsessed with it.
I want to deejay, because I am obsessed with it.

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