Banel (DK)

Michael started his DJ career back in 1988, taking him beyond the 25th year anniversary as a DJ. This were celebrated with the stunning Banel 25 compilation, released in 2013 on Iboga. Through the years Michael has seen the electronic scene change from the early acid house days through techno & Goa trance up to the late nineties where Iboga Records were founded and a new Scandinavian sound broke loose. Today Banel experts a dark and groovy psychedelic techno set, as well as a dynamic progressive trance set or a combination of the two. His trained ears and sharpened sense for mind blowing dance music has taken him far and beyond places like the forests of Melbourne, deserts of Israel, the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean and the ice cold mid point of Russia, Novo Sibirsk. Banel has through his work building the Iboga brand been responsible for many classic Iboga releases and compilations such as “Tabernanthe”, “Puzzled”, “Playground”, “Summer Collection I+II”, “Banel in the mix”, “Crosslink, bridges between and further + Crosslink 2″ and editions in the set series to name a few. Besides his DJ adventure, Banel has joined creative forces with Sweden’s multi talent Simon Heath, to write the album “Kisses from the clouds” as Behind Blue Eyes & Krusseldorf (2009). In 2014 Michael Banel embarked on another collaboration with Martin Vice, creating a hybrid of techno & progressive trance. The duo are preparing an album together and plan to tour with their new live set together, under the name Martin Vice & Michael Banel.
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