Audiowomb (NL)

One cold Saturday in 2007, two likeminded personalities decided to combine forces by sticking their heads together to create a track after both having operated solo for over a decade. From that moment, Audiowomb was born. What started off as a musical try-out, developed rapidly into a concept, a dj team, and above all: a friendship between two musicians. 'We complement each other very well. Our individual skills and focus, combined with our mutual experience in both mixing and producing, quickly emerged as a powerful combination,' Sten says. 'From that point on we decided to create all our music under the Audiowomb moniker. Shortly after came the decision to team up as dj's as well.' Due to their shared passion for deep, raw and hypnotizing sounds, they always strive to integrate that specific 'Audiowomb sound' in both their dj sets and their productions. 'One cannot translate these elements into words,' Jeroen claims. 'Music is emotion, a gut feeling. A track either has 'it', or not.' 'Technological development pushes the growth and progression of the electronic music industry fast forward and has already formed a wide range of different styles and genres. It keeps this music scene dynamic and interesting. We play and create music for the dance floor, without wandering off from our own path. We just want to make people dance: nothing more, nothing less.'
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