Auddly ()

Auddly is a hub for all the world’s song data, empowering music creators to take control of their works and get the payments and credits they’re due, thanks to cutting-edge technology and support from top songwriters Max Martin and Björn Ulvaeus. Built on virtual song rooms where music creators can organize files and info, collaborate and clarify splits, the Auddly smartphone app and web platform enable music creators to easily log all data connected to their songs as they’re created, from inception to release. In each song room Auddly collects who wrote it, splits, official title, audio files, lyrics, label copy, contact details etc. The data can then be easily shared with all relevant parties, including publishers, managers, PROs, labels and streaming services – all from one secure and transparent reference point, avoiding conflicting or missing data, and so ensuring prompt accurate payments and credits for all. Managers and publishers can also use Auddly to organize their catalogues, as well as make and securely share playlists for pitching. Auddly is already working with both majors and independents, and the world’s biggest PROs, including ASCAP and PRS, keeping creators and their representatives in sync. Welcome to the future of song data management.
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