Amira Guetif (TN)

Speaker (SXM Festival / Soundscapes)

Born and raised in Tunisia, Amira has been pursuing and devoting 100% of her time to collaborative passion projects in the electronic music entertainment industry for the past 12 years.

Amira left her home country of Tunisia to pursue her studies in Canada after obtaining a national scholarship in Creative English Studies in 2008. Since then, she’s worked with multi-disciplinary teams from North Africa to North America and the Middle East, collaborating with creatives in Montreal, New York, Miami, Saint Maarten, Tulum, CDMX, Tunis, Bahrain and Zanzibar.

With a contagious spirit that evolves alongside her clients, Amira has learned to deploy her creative capabilities in several disciplines throughout the years, ranging from creative direction, branding, and storytelling, to experiential communication, advertising and sales.

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