Alvaro Muniz (US)

Alvaro, born in 1977, from Lima, Peru, had his first association in the Electronic Dance Music scene when he was 12 years old. While growing musically, the folkloric and autochthonous (native of the country) sounds and rhythms influenced him causing more attraction to the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene. The sounds from all seven continents of the world have made a huge impact on the diversity in Alvaro’s musical knowledge. His passion for the South American sound with a twist of the futuristic soundscapes deifies this rising talent. His signature of Techno, and Tribal House really exemplify his character and what he portraysin his performance. While the years went by and the music evolved, so did Alvaro as a DJ. In 2006, taking his career to a new level, he began a foundation in production. Already with a deep sense of musical knowledge, he immersed himself with various sounds, rhythms, and instruments. His creative ability to remix and produce original pieces was put to the test. Using new age technology and old school methods, his artistic side began to evolve. Now in 2010, Alvaro has become one of Tampa’s up and coming DJ’s. With his intense knowledgebase on sound and a creative mind for mixing. Alvaro can take his parties to numerous levels of excitement. A unique style and a wealth of knowledge behind him, Alvaro will be a rising act to follow into the future.
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