Ali Farahani (US)

Born in Milan Italy with Iranian heritage, I started music when I was 14 years old playing afro cuban percussions. Growing up in Italy, electronic music is ingrained into the culture and has had great influence on the evolution of my productions. Around the age of 18, I began to create music. My very first release was titled "Persian Dream" featuring Marco Bonuso released on Sound Division (ITA). Persian Dream was one of the first fusion tracks that truly combined electronic music with Middle Eastern vibes. Persian dream was one of the most successful tracks played in 2007 by some of the largest artists in the world. The next release was a collaboration with DJ Aron of LE Follies De Pigalle called “Don’t feel no shame”. It was featured as one of the top Beatport tracks and number 6 on the overall chart for 2 months in 2008. Shortly after, I started to play at many clubs and events across Italy. In 2011, I moved to LA and shifted away from European-tech to more sophisticated sounds with experimental grooves and slower beats inspired by my origins. After moving to the US and being away from music for few years, I started producing and djing again and most recently opened the Santa Monica based label Pipe & Pochet with Patrik Khach. My goal is to inspire other artists and fans through music and have now began to showcase my productions in the US and beyond.
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