Alex Salvador (NL)

Though already an experienced DJ, a head strong label manager, a knowledgeable music collector and artist curator, Alex's young age is somewhat surprising... His adventure in music starts in the early nineties, as a young child fiddling around in his dad's recording studio and collecting his own records with scarce allowance money. Alex's career choice is not completely random, as music runs in the family! Alex's label project Tomorrow Is Now, Kid is also a continuation of his father's work, founded when he was still a baby, and recently brought back into activity by both. After years working on intense promotion and back office activity, sparkled with many hours spent in the studio making music and practicing dj skills both Alex and his label Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! have grown to become reference brands in modern house music. The label is the home of some of the most exciting artists in the field, and Alex has grown to become it's main figure, as one of the brand's most cherished dj's and it's main activist. His impeccable mixing skills, deep digging habits and unpredictable, creative swing made him a much sought presence in dj booths all over Europe, from Manchester to Paris, Lisbon to Berlin or Belgium. His uncanny ability of establishing a strict connection with the ebb and flow of a party is only second to his religious vinyl buying habits and uncompromising stance when it comes to selection: a lover of swinged snares, soulful chords and sparse vocal hints, of all things made on an MPC to most things house made in the 90's, and unafraid to cross section those with a healthy dose of disco history and jazz funk legends, Alex has a unique way of going about his thing and maybe that's why he's so well known for driving a dancefloor wild.
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