Alex D-Part (DE)


Alex D-Part's musical home base is and will remain Frankfurt am Main. Alex D-Part has been one of the hottest local DJs on the Frankfurt electronic music scene for more than 25 years. He has been a resident artist of the very prominent event series MOVE at Tanzhaus West for over 10 years and says: "If you ask me in a friendly way for a track name, I'll tell you!" An approachable, uncomplicated and cordial creative head with a four-to-the-floor beat in his blood.

His musical creativity has taken him to the hippest clubs and numerous open-air festivals in Germany and other European countries. However, his homeland remained the underground sound of the Frankfurt club scene. As a DJ and as a live act, with his techno synonym "Confronted", Alex attaches great importance to technical and effective perfection on the mixer and the emotional connection to the audience. His mixes and his tracks are "strange" in every respect. He floods every club with a danceable mixture of groovy tech house, bass house and techno.

True to the motto: "If the audience closes their eyes, they forgets the world around him and just lets himself go in my sets, then I've really arrived there with my music". As a producer and remixer, Alex has released on numerous labels at home and abroad. As the official artist for Allen & Heath, he celebrates his music as an art form in his technically complex setup.

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