3ASiC (CN)

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3ASiC, an electronic music producer from Nanjing, now residents in the Neth- erlands. Having founded party organisation Nanking Electro and music label Project Sync, he participated actively into underground music scene in China since 2013 and have achieved great success in his home country China. Not only giving special show in many cities’ underground clubs in every part of China, but also becoming a regular guest of music festivals, and he also has lot of experience supporting international artists. He has been supported by varying music websites and platforms, such as Kanjian Music, Xiami, Netease, and SmartSH. His track “Jelly” which released in 2015 was supported by the most famous international bass music Youtube Channel - Bass City. In the be- ginning of 2017, he was recommended by Soi Music as the Top 10 must-listen Asian producers. Currently he’s trying to make a next step, not only in China, but came to Netherlands to show his talent to more people who unaware. Apart from Sound Arts, he is now working on an unprecedented Art performance which combines Sound and Visual. 3ASiC 是来自南京的 90 后电子音乐制作人,目前居住在荷兰,进修声音设计与音乐制 作研究生课程。自 2012 年开始,先后创立了派对组织 Nanking Electro,以及音乐厂 牌 Project Sync,活跃地参与到中国地下电子音乐场景中。他不仅以独立音乐人身份发 布了许多高质量作品,也与主流音乐人有过良好合作。3ASiC 曾被多家国内外地下、主 流音乐平台支持,2015 年发行的专辑中的曲目《Jelly》被著名的 Bass 类 YouTube 音 乐博客 Bass City 推荐。多首单曲上榜看见音乐、虾米音乐、网易云音乐等,还曾参与 梁欢导演的音乐纪录片《音乐的秘密》。刚被 Soi Music 评为 2017 年亚洲最值得听的 制作人之一的他不满足于对声音艺术的追求,近期正在筹划前所未有的结合听觉 + 视觉 的艺术体验。
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