DJ Yin

DJ Yin

13 years of seniority DJ DJ Yin grew up like rock music, a band from any guitarist and guitar teacher, performing countless rich experience Thereafter self-study DJing Transformation is a full-time DJ award-winning 2002 inaugural Heineken Joy Global DJ contest winner the total force in Hong Kong and Malaysia district team championship in 2004. Over the years constantly shuttling around the world in the name of its name brand as guest performers. incumbent name a number of Hong Kong Night club (Beijing Club, Billion Club, Magnum Club, Club No.9 ) The music director. 2005 Country Love Da Record produced the "Hong Kong Electric" album. 2006 produced by ClubNo.9 with Love Da Record produced "Hip Hop You Do not Stop Vol.3" skewers essays dish. the 2006 Pioneer Pioneer DJ Quest has served as contest judge designated in 2008 for the movie "After the sixth floor sit 2" theme song, 2009, MacDonald was invited to the 10th anniversary of the restaurant McCafe produced CD. Starting from 2009 and Eason Chan, Juno, Joey Tang, Pao and Chrissie together as a spokesperson Beat by Dr.Dre headphones. In 2010 he officially joined the American record company AV8Records, become AV8Records official Artist. His works have landed in has become more than the highest record sales month The Artist. 2011 joined the American record company Crack4djs, become Crack4djs official Artist. works boarded ten record sales month ago Artist. 2012 in June global remix contest DJ International Remix Contest beat world-class opponents became the first Hong Kong who became the only winner, works in the world iTunes, Interscope Digital Distribution, white label release. 2012 Hong Kong DJ boarded Reverbnation charts first. began cooperation with Local pop singer composer, arranger and producer. including EO2, JJ JJ, Di accessible, Wei Yu core, Yanki ... 2012ň╣┤August 25th Afrojack compilation album which produced a Bangduck Remix, enthusiastic response, followed in October to Europe for touring, including Scotland, United Kingdom, Netherlands Belgium, France.

His journey into all things melodic started back in the early nineties, where in he discovered joy in the art form of music Before he found himself behind the decks for which he is best known for, DJ Yin was heavily involved with various roles - all Music related -. and it was where he Honed During this Stage Musical an Intense passion, WHETHER it be from Developing His Band Rock and Metal to sound engineering in Early HK Jazz Clubs

Though SEGUE His sound engineering Came into Becoming a DJ With His innate Musical Ability, he Quickly found Himself paying His Dues at Almost every club in Hong Kong Playing a Variety of genres, and Gathered a Substantial Fan Base leading HIM towards local Recognition and Respect as one of Hong Kong's premier home-grown DJs.
In 2002, DJ Yin expanded his resume even further by becoming the unanimous winner of the Hong Kong Hieneken Thirst DJ Competition This victory would open up new opportunities;. the most noteworthy are his roles as annual judge for Pioneer's DJ Quest, becoming the Music Director for HK's famous Billion Club and Beijing, and finally, Becoming the first Chinese to be an Official DJ for AV8 Records.
Since then DJ Yin's Career Rising has be Consistently. When he is not directing the Clubs or international sets Playing with World Famous Djs, he Finds himself producing tracks for local rappers, making mixtapes for his fans, and creating mash-ups for his DJ comrades. From this constant creation he is now recognized as one of the most prolific producers in Hong Kong.
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