Dauphin Åka

Dauphin Åka

Dauphin Åka is an electronic music addict from the moment he heard Acid and Techno at the rave parties of the early 90’s. With DJ’s like Dano, Buzz Fuzz, The Prophet, Gizmo, Petrov. A few years and many raves later a friend took him to Dimitri’s Hi-Tech Soul Movement, in the legendary RoXY Amsterdam. After that memorable night his taste of music changed to Detroit Techno with artists like Laurent Garnier, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Kenny Larkin, Josh Wink, Juan Atkins, Isis (a.k.a. 100% Isis), Eric Nouhan.

In 2004 Dauphin Åka could no longer withstand the turntables. He began collecting records and started to play vinyl. His first gig followed soon at DJ Café TWSTd Amsterdam. Having experienced the thrill of playing for a small audience, he wanted more. During the following years he developed as a DJ and slowly but steady he found the sound he likes best…underground Techno.

He is one of the resident DJ’s of " What Is On Your Mind !? ", Amsterdam's legendary Techno Tuesday at Melkweg. This weekly night delivers a full on blitzing rave up. Pumping with all the excitement, energy and enthusiasm of even the biggest and baddest weekender. Further he performed among other things at Lief Festival (Utrecht), Edit Festival (Haarlem), Geheime Liefde (Utrecht), KRAFT (Amsterdam), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Westerunie (Amsterdam), Club Poema (Utrecht), Treibhaus (Germany).

Dauphin Åka’s specific taste for deep Techno forms the backbone of his sound. Building his sets in layers, containing raw grooves, warm baselines, spheric percussion and heavy kicks. Since April 2013 he started to perform with a four decks set up, which makes it possible for him to unfold the musical journey in endless ways.

During the last few years Dauphin Åka got interested in producing Techno. This new direction has influenced him as a performing artist as well and it resulted in a more solid and own sound. This year his first tracks will be available.
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