Antenna, is the stage name that has been smoking events all across Europe since 2006. I went from Zero to DJ Hero and expanded through my network of friends' parties my knowledge on music. Just like every hipster I started using Winamp before it went main stream and with a little effort I got some real gear. I used to DJ in a club which is better know for it's live sessions, Wings Club , so every night it's a different crowd and this is extra spicy and hard for me to keep the dance floor rocking.

Since September 2011, I've been entertaining the customers of Oscars Pub along side my very best friends from The dAdA. We do terrific shows.

I find my self to be a crowd pleaser and I try to give people what they want: an escape from their every day life, a good work out and a trip into the future, present and past.

As a radio guest DJ I try to avoid a regular set, cause all DJs can mix. I still try to find the balance in the mixture of production, experimentation, humor and blending music.
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