Stacey Seedorf

Stacey Seedorf

Stacey Seedorf is the founder of State of Mind Network and is a passionate writer, speaker and mindset
trainer/coach. He coaches in personal development, success, in
spirational leadership and the realization ofdreams, desires and goals. He is an expert in helping people and organizations with the creative part of personal growth and success.

During workshops, trainings and seminars, he does this by giving insight into where everything starts; our thinking process, our mindset and the resulting state of mind.
As the singer/songwriter of the 90’s band Twenty 4 Seven, Stacey has sold over 20 million sound carriers in almost every continent on the globe, since the 90’s. Writing and producing hitsongs is very rare but it is his mission to share his personal strategy for maximum inspiration and creativity during readings and workshops.
This is the strategy that lead him to write his millionsellers and works for many very successful artists.
Stacey has trained many artists, songwriters, producers and stage performers. From ADE and Dancefair to The Voice, Idols and X-Factor. It all starts with you and the way your mind is set in a world where inspiration and creativity are the most essential pillars.

Learn how to:
• Get inspired
• Find your maximum creativity
• Where ideas really come from
• Tap in to the ultimate external creative source
• How to break out of your comfort zone
• Conquer insecurity

Stacey Seedorf: “With al my work I focus on the innerworld of the individual himself, this is where his outer world is created which is why this knowledge is the most essential key that you as a human being can obtain. In a short time I give you the needed tools to regain the power, self confidence and control over your inspiration and creativity. You'll find the strength and faith in yourself and you will start to make decisions that will take you in the direction you want to go.

My mission is to help people and businesses by giving them just that little push to get up, start up and move up. It is your own inner strength that will lead you to your unique happiness and success "
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