Govert Reeskamp

Govert Reeskamp

Govert Reeskamp is a sucker for challenges. That's why he produces from Day One onwards ‘Into the Great Wide Open’. This festival takes place in a natural reserve on an island with very little means and a lot of (natural) restrictions with demanding makers and participants on top. And that is exactly why Govert produces in a sustainable and innovative manner, because he has to, not because it makes him look good.

While doing so, such a great amount of knowledge and craftsmanship was accumulating at ITGWO, that they needed to create a new place (werkplaats) and a new organization to combine and further develop these ideas and solutions, This became Lab Vlieland. Together with creative thinkers, companies, students, research institutions, and local governments, Lab Vlieland works on smart solutions for a (more) sustainable world.

Govert inspires these parties, and challenges them at the same time. An example of this is that Govert has challenged ITGWO (and himself) to get rid of all the diesel generators used by the festival, before the year 2020. And that, is exactly the kind of challenge Govert likes.
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