Da Mouth of Madness

Da Mouth of Madness

Da Mouth of Madness. A name that has been around since the very beginning of hardcore. A voice that collaborated with almost every major hardcore DJ/producer. A laugh that still, after so many years, is instantly recognised on the dance floor. A man that has seen it all, done it all and still has more in store for y'all.

Sietse van Daalen first appeared as MC at the side of DJ Uzi, way back in 1994. The two young guns came from playing hiphop in the north of Holland. They found their new love in the harder styles of house that became popular around that time. After playing gigs in the region, they per- formed at one of the infamous 'Thunderdome On Tour' events in 1995. They made a lasting im- pression on Sander Groet, one of the organizers at ID&T. ID&T being hot, happening and on the road to the top they are now on, made it for Uzi & Da Mouth possible to spread their form of art throughout the nation, even Europe! With raves like Thunderdome, Mysteryland and The Love Pa- rade, they quickly made a name for themselves.

Next to performing live on stage, or doing what he does best in the studio, Da Mouth of Madness has also been on national television. As the anchorman of 'TMF Hakkuh' in 1997, he introduced legendary names like Darkraver, Paul Elstak, The Prophet and many more to the big audience. Meanwhile, Da Mouth was working hard on his solo career. His resume is pretty impressive, to say the least. Hosting parties like Thunderdome, Qlimax, Defqon.1 and much more, you can truly state that Sietse has been one of the leading MC's in the history of hardcore. For a short while he was the MC of 'Straight on Recordings', owned en operated by DJ Pila & Luna.

Across the Dutch border, he also rocked raves like the Street Parade and The Energy Rave in Zurich. He's a regular at events in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Glasgow and other major cities. Rockin' it hard on an international level, that's what Sietse does best.
Up until late 2013, Sietse could be heard together with Andre 'MC Justice' van Zuijlen and the in- famous Bass-D as hosts of the legendary radioshow Thunderdome Radio. Every Wednesday night they'd provide a ever growing legion of hardcore fanatics with the very best music mixed with some good old-fashion funny commentary. Every week a broad range of huge artists, but also unknown talents, spun the wheels on Thunderdome Radio. As Thunderdome is no more, so has Thunder- dome Radio become silent, but not forgotten.

After a solid career of twenty years, Da Mouth released his debut album ‘Old Dog, New Trixx‘. He felt the time had come for a new and exhilarating challenge, it was time to make an album which represents all sides of hardcore filled with influences from genres which contain everything besides fast and hard hitting kicks. He achieved this with the help of his beloved colleagues and friends Rob Gee, Dr. Peacock, Partyraiser and many more.

The original badboy of hardcore is back with a vengeance!
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