OSCAM Writerscamp, Speak Session and showcase BOUT IT #5

OSCAM Writerscamp, Speak Session and showcase BOUT IT #5

During ADE week, OSCAM and Prince Claus Fund will once again provide a platform for female-identifying and transgender hip hop artists, celebrating their significant contributions to the genre, through a writerscamp, an OSCAM Speak Session and a showcase. The writerscamp is a 7-day program where artists from abroad and the Netherlands can learn from each other with the ultimate goal of producing and launching 1 song. They showcase this song during ADE in OSCAM and in the Melkweg with 1 song of their own in addition. Afterwards, during an OSCAM Speak Session, they will talk about their love for Hip Hop.

Hip hop is more than music: it is both a form of personal expression and a shared culture. Hip hop – the art and culture – is hugely popular on a global scale and resonates with people from all socio-economic backgrounds, but is often misunderstood within the professional art world. Placing hip hop in a museum creates space for an interesting cross-pollination between two different art worlds. The global becomes local, the personal becomes cultural and the audible becomes visual.

More information about the showcase and the OSCAM Speak Session will be announced soon.

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