My Other Side of The Moon & Drums Radio invite Melodic Deep & AHU

Welcome To The Epicenter Of Afro House Music:

Event Overview:

Prepare To Be Immersed In The Heart And Soul Of Afro House Music At The Groundbreaking "My Other Side Of The Moon & Drums Radio Invite Afro House United & Melodic Deep" Event. As A Pivotal Gathering For Enthusiasts Of The Genre, This Event Promises To Be A Paramount Experience For Both The Artists And The Audience. Join Us As We Unite The Realms Of Melodic And Afro House, Creating An Unparalleled Atmosphere Of Cultural Fusion And Musical Excellence.

Full 2 Days Event Line Up
: Eran Hersh - Badbox - Louie Dunmore - Joezi B2b Enzo Siffredi - Bun Xapa - El Mukuka - Jordan Arts(Live) - Team Distant - Pascal Morais - Neil Amarey - Breeze And The Sun - Dams - Viel - No Rush - Dylan-S - Manu - Aryme B2b Osfur - Romy Janssen B2b Valexx - Cisco De Sol - Sky White - Bartella - Jalal Ramdani - Coco - Lunga Baainar

Line Up October 19th
(Alphahbetical Order)
Breeze And The Sun - Coco(Live) - Dams - El Mukuka - Eran Hersh - Joezi B2b Enzo Siffredi - Jordan Arts(Live) - Louie Dunmore - Manu - Neil Amarey - No Rush - Team Distant - Viel

Date and Time
Date: [October 19]
Time: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (GMT)

Live Streaming:
Don't miss a beat! Tune in to the captivating live streaming of the event on DrumsRadio.com, where the electrifying performances and engaging conversations will come to life for a global audience. Live Streaming

Event Highlights

Exclusive Live Performances
: Experience the passion and creativity of our exceptional artists through their exclusive live performances. Feel the rhythm and energy of Afro House music as it ignites the atmosphere.

Insightful Industry Interviews
: Gain exclusive insights into the music industry through thought-provoking interviews with key figures. These conversations will provide a deep dive into the trends and developments shaping the Afro House landscape.

ADE Highlights
: Relive the magic of the renowned Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) as we curate and share its most memorable moments with listeners worldwide. Immerse yourself in the excitement and energy of ADE, no matter where you are.

Hosting Partners
This remarkable event is the culmination of a powerful collaboration between:

My Other Side of The Moon : LINK
Drums Radio: LINK
Afro House United : LINK
Melodic Deep : LINK

Our carefully selected venue, the charming Bar-Bistro "Sous," is located just a brief two-minute stroll from the iconic Felix Meritis. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Nine Streets District, this setting is the ideal backdrop for a celebration that melds music, culture, and connection.

Step into the beating heart of Afro House music. Join us as we create an environment where the rhythms of Afro House intertwine with the melodies of Melodic Deep, forging an unforgettable experience that transcends boundaries and defines the spirit of unity through music.

Sous Bar-Bistro

Sous is located right at the heart of the Nine Streets District.
Sous welcomes you for lunch, shared dining & cocktails.

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Sous is located right at the heart of the Nine Streets District.
Sous welcomes you for lunch, shared dining & cocktails.

Book your table now via our website

Follow us on Insta: @sousamsterdam

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