Martin Kohlstedt

Martin Kohlstedt

In the compelling music of Martin Kohlstedt, classical piano, soundscapes and intuitive sources of inspiration from fundamentally different worlds come together in compelling electronica productions. Whether in the form of a spectacular festival show, an introspective piano concerto, a multidimensional film score or a moving album experience.

Kohlstedt describes his style of work as modular compositions; his pieces are always in motion and never final - not even during concerts. Improvisation is an important part of his creative process, as is the interaction with his audience on an equal footing, the courage and sometimes the guts to fail and the interaction with people, space and context.

His previous albums "Tag" and "Night", "Strom" and "Ströme", "Flur" and the most recent one called "Feld" and their respective reworkings have been rewarded with international recognition and concert tours all over the world. Martin Kohlstedt collaborated with renowned partners such as the Leipzig Gewandhaus choir and artists such as Douglas Dare, Sudan Archives, Henrik Schwarz.

On Wednesday evening, October 18, Martin Kohlstedt puts his sound in the ultimate electronic setting, with a show in Melkweg' OZ during ADE!

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